Our Accomplishments
1. Donated $50 to K-6 grade, library, art, & P.E. for anything that they needed
2. Clothing Sales
3. Sponsor All-star volleyball tournament
4. Gave 2 - $300 scholarships
5. Several newspaper adds for accomplishments in activities
6. Post Prom - YMCA
7. Purchased a tent for the track team
8. Purchased new volleyball standards for the old gym
9. Scorer's table/podium
10. Lights for gym
11. Track runway
12. Radio sponsor: KAWL - conf. b-ball & v-ball, KZ100 - wrestling & All-star b-ball game
We do a lot for all the students in our school. Every student benefits from the Booster Club. We are always looking for new members. If you have any questions, please contact Darcie Boman at 762-3607, Rhonda Dana at 762-3396, or Sue Powell at 762-3257.


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