The One-Act Team landed a little shy of state this year competing in one of the toughest districts and taking home 4th place. This year's One-Act Team preformed At The Bottom Of Lake Missoula by Ed Monk. This years cast included: Seniors Chad Veik, Ceirra Tompkin, Garrett Calhoun, Ra'von Hudson, Ryan Yates, Arne Loeber, Bella Fellinger, Jur van Bussel, Blake Whitcomb & Matthias Huemer. Juniors Sara Slater, Kalib Faltys, Brooke Yates, Breanna Bailey & Brittney Veik. Sophomores Kylie Essink, Dylan Woodbury & Bethany VonSpreckelsen. Freshman Amanda Slater, Riley Gallagher, Emmie Hajny, Mary Cooney & Nicole Bailey. Crew Members include Jessica Rodrigues, Leonie Haller, Bo Dilley, Phip Gosser, Thomas Keim, Dakota Hoyt, Matt Johnson, Cole Knight, Danielle Sock, & Colton McDonald. The play was directed by Jeremy Heneger and Jim Eads.





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